Early morning musings

So last night was meant to be a bit calmer than it was – our now 1 year old daughter decided to spew everywhere just before I put her in bed. I seriously am amazed at the splatter radius of vomit when it hits a wooden floor. I feel for the people that clean up accidents and crime scenes. Stuff ends up ev.ery.where. Upside? Found a lost dummy, so now we have 3.
Anyways – bedtime normally happens around 7pm and the adults of the house descend into a post-child shell-shock until either sugar or alcohol is applied. Last night, it was 8:15pm before the vomit was gone and both kids were asleep. By that time the only thing I could think of doing was sleep. So I did. Until it started raining and I remembered I’d left all my barbequeing supplies outside half covered and wondered if it was wrecked. It could still be – I haven’t checked. I’m so edgy. (8:10:03 am update: minuscule water damage. Chalking it up as a win for complacency. Add 1 zen point.)
Got up at 3am to do website updates for a client so the downtime wouldn’t impact daily users. All went well except I got ambitious and started updating their other sites and a plugin (SiteOrigin Page Builder for all the nerds out there) broke all of the formatting on one of them inexplicably and I had to roll back. The exciting life of a modern jack of all trades one man band marketer!
For some reason when I hit a brick wall in work at the moment I start googling pens (?) and random bits of stationery (?!?) like either of them will break the block. I can also justify it as “well I’m a writer so this is related to writing and professional development so <raspberry>.”  It doesn’t help and it’s a bit of a bludge but it at least gets the mind thinking about other stuff. For those interested readers out there, I alternate between a Uniball Jetstream and Pilot Hi-Tecpoint and sometimes a Mont Blanc ballpoint I was gifted and am finding that I’m gradually preparing to be a black pen writer after years of blue. Unsure what’s driving the shift, but I can assure you it’s as life-changing as it sounds. As for paper, a simple A4 yellow legal pad is generally my poison. There’s something about the tearaway nature that makes me feel like I can be as reckless as I want with my writing. I don’t get that feeling with a Moleskine or leuchtturm1917 journal – too permanent and fixed and expensive to be so bon vivant with. Don’t fence me in, man.
Anyways, I need to get coffee now so I can function at the acceptable end of the spectrum today. It’s been a short but long night.