Ups and downs at the beach

So my Nikon FE just up and died.
Which is great timing, given it’s Easter holidays and all.
It started as the winder not moving/counting, but film was advancing, so I figured no biggie. Shoot and count in my head. Easy.100T3063-2
Then I started shooting yesterday – first day of the Easter holidays and one shot in, *click* – no thunk. Not good.
100T3066-2Repeated cursing and helpful palm hitting to the base of the camera ensued.
End result, 7 frames (and the rest of a roll of Kodak Portra 400) sacrificed to the film gods trying to rectify it, only to find even with the film out the problem persists. Conventional wisdom would suggest a booking with the film doctor is required. I’m 50/50 on spending more getting it to work.
100T3089On the flip side, it forced me to go and use my Fuji X100T out and about and down at the beach yesterday afternoon.
100T3111Unusually, I left it in face recognition mode and set the aperture to f8, ISO400 and left shutter speed up to the photo gods.
A quick play with RNI Films in Lightroom (favouring their version of the 64 Kodachrome at the moment) and we were done. 100T3080
I was pretty happy with the outcome. Noosa has great light in the afternoon and yesterday was no different.
Looking forward to the rest of the holiday!