Travel and Adventure Writer/Photographer

When I am not running my small marketing firm, Wyatt Media, I can be found, smart phone or camera in hand, walking the streets and trails of Queensland, Australia’s north-eastern-most state.

Why travel and adventure?

I’ve always loved cameras and the romance of life on the road.

Of course, for the obvious reasons, it’s rarely as rosy as it seems in the blogs, magazines, books and movies.  

I’m a realist: in many ways, I try to sum up the best of the experience without making everything seem too perfect (i.e without creating false expectations). That can mean thinking a bit laterally at times, but I feel it’s a more ethical way of doing it. It also means you end up with some unique shots.

I am a fan of landscape work that blends a still-life painting approach with the warm colours that take you back to the film photos of your childhood. As someone with a huge interest in photojournalism, I try to incorporate people doing what they do naturally (i.e unstaged) in many of my shots. When they are there, people are mostly a part of the broader environment, instead of the central focus.